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The Best Healthy Seeds to Include in Your Diet Although including healthy seeds in your diet may seem modern, this habit has actually existed for centuries Seeds provide many benefits for your health and beauty

 In this article, were going to tell you about some of the seeds that you should include in your diet Healthy seeds that you need In shops and markets, you can find a wide range of products that are made with seeds Its not just a diet fad for vegetarians or celebrities In reality, seeds are very nutritious foods that are worth using

So, here are some of the healthy seeds that you can include in your diet: Chia seeds Chia seeds are rich in iron, calcium and omega 3 fatty acids They also offer a good dose of fiber, so theyre filling Thats why theyre great for people who are on weight loss diets

Chia seeds also eliminate toxins, prevent premature ageing of the skin and regenerate tissues Before consuming them, it is very important to soak them in water for at least 10 minutes This will form a sort of jelly, which you can add to fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies Another option is to mix them with soft cheese on toast or breakfast biscuits, or with yogurt or milk together with oats and almonds Pomegranate seeds

This colorful fruit contains seeds that you can eat in many sweet and savory dishes Rich in antioxidants, pomegranate seeds fight the effects of free radicals and improve cellular health In addition, the nutrients provided by these seeds include polyphenols, which prevent cardiac diseases, and vitamin C, which strengthens your immune system Plus, theyre also good for preventing the formation of blood clots, maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels, and stimulating the circulation As if this werent enough, pomegranate seeds prevent the development of arthritis and bone diseases

You can put them in salads, natural juices, tarts and cakes Sesame seeds Sesame seeds are a great source of protein and good fats as well as lecithin, iron, zinc and calcium Sesame seeds regulate cholesterol levels and give dishes a different touch The best option is to buy them raw and then toast them without oil for a few minutes

They combine perfectly with salads, creams, tarts and breads Sprinkle a little sesame over your meals and they will be transformed! Pumpkin seeds Pumpkin seeds have many properties, such as regulating cholesterol and reducing some skin problems Its better to consume pumpkin seeds in the morning for weight control, since theyre high in calories

On the other hand, you can also eat them in the afternoon Since they contain magnesium and vitamin B, they help synthesize serotonin and stabilize the nervous system  Thats why theyreideal for those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep difficulties In addition, you can eat them as a mid-morning snack A handful is enough

Since you have to chew them well, they can help if youre suffering from anxiety Another option is to soak them overnight Then, the next day, blend them with vanilla or cinnamon essence Flax seeds Flax seeds (also known as linseeds) are very small but also very nutritious

Theyre an excellent source of dietary fiber that helps to regulate your digestive system Plus, they also provide polyphenols and linoleic acid These nutrients have many health benefits For one, they act as powerful anti-inflammatorie agents and regulatehormone production (Theyre often recommended for women during their menstrual period or during the menopause)

Two of the main advantages of flaxseeds are that they maintain the regularity of intestinal movements and they prolong the sensation of feeling full Thus, theyre ideal for people who suffer from constipation, food anxiety or who want to lose weight Flax seeds are very versatile healthy seeds Additionally, you can add them to salads, bread, desserts, biscuits or yogurts and smoothies Quinoa seeds

Basically, quinoa is one of the latest fads of healthy seeds to become well-known throughout the world However, quinoa has been used for hundreds of years in South America Quinoa has many properties This is because these healthy seeds provides iron, fiber, phosphorus, proteins and essential amino acids These seeds are also very filling and are recommended for people on weight loss diets

Before eating quinoa, its necessary to boil it in water without salt for several minutes  Then, you can add it to salads, to rice, to tarts or use it as a replacement for cereals Amaranth seeds This is one of the least known seeds, but theyre incredibly nutritious They contain antioxidants, are low in fat, full of vegetable proteins, and contain high levels of folic acid

Plus, amaranth seeds help you to relax and maintain your central nervous system in good condition They can be eaten in stews, soups or sprinkled on to toast with low-fat cheese

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